Backpack Gokarna – 2 Nights, 3 Days



Shiva Caves → Sunset from hillock near Kudle Beach → Hidden Shiva Caves → Ramteertha Temple → Mahabaleshwar Temple → Ganpati Temple → Gokarna Beach → Yana Caves → Vibhuti Waterfalls → Mirjan Fort → Murudeshwar Temple → Nirvana Beach5 Beaches Trek ( Belekan – Paradise – Half Moon – Om – Kudle )

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Backpack Finland – The Winter Wonderland – Highlights


My recent trip to Finland was one hell of an awesome, magical experience. It had multiple flavours –

Trip Route :
Helsinki (3D) -> Turku (2D) -> Tampere (2D) -> Rovaniemi (3D) -> Sinetta (2D) -> Rovaniemi (1D) -> Helsinki (1D)

Total –14 Days

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Backpack Finland – The Winter Wonderland – One-of-a-kind Adventure !



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Travel Diaries – Dapoli Calling !


“I look at the world and see no understanding, I’m waiting to find some sense of strength, I’m begging you from the bottom of my heart to show me understanding.”

– Learning to live, Dream Theatre

Almost four and half years in IT and this is exactly how I feel. If anyone would ask me to describe my personality today, I would say its Holden Caulfield ( character from the book The Catcher in the Rye). And yes no exaggeration there.STRUGGLING to find my identity in this mediocre and ordinary IT sector …… CRAVING to be myself PEACEFULLY…… Searching for a sense of belonging amongst the diplomatic cowards…..TRYING to breathe in this overly judgemental and opinionated world….. The pathetic life of a software engineer was getting on my nerves …. Sounds like I am frustrated…. Cynically Frustrated!! Well I just needed a break maybe… the long awaited break.

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