Backpack Finland – The Winter Wonderland – Highlights


My recent trip to Finland was one hell of an awesome, magical experience. It had multiple flavours –

Trip Route :
Helsinki (3D) -> Turku (2D) -> Tampere (2D) -> Rovaniemi (3D) -> Sinetta (2D) -> Rovaniemi (1D) -> Helsinki (1D)

Total –14 Days

Postcards from Finland:

View Postcards from Finland – Pictorial depiction of what each day was like.


Click on any of the highlights to view the details.









Published by Sonali

I have been a dreamer since childhood and always fascinated by the creative world of Art, Craft, Design, Photography and Travel. I pursued them as hobbies since early ages. I felt my hobbies have been my companion through think and thin and helped me heal through most difficult phases of life. They have helped me experience sheer bliss and happiness through creative joys.  Through the blogs, I would like to share with the world the beautiful memories I made with myself through my passion of art, craft, design, photography and travel.

5 thoughts on “Backpack Finland – The Winter Wonderland – Highlights

  1. Yes winters in Lapland are beautiful. We went their during christmas do it was a totally different vibe altogether. If northern lights is the main attraction, our guide had mentioned that highest activity is during equinox. So sept and march would be ideal to see brighter northern lights.


  2. I have bookmarked your post. Since I am planning a trip to Finland in future and whenever it happens, I am sure I want to do it in the winters. The northern lights of course being the main attraction. Plus I have heard lapland is so beautiful in the winters.

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  3. You’ve gone somewhere and done something that is still in my dreams, especially the Northern Lights experience. And it looks like you have done so much more, most of these activities I didn’t even know you could do in Finland. It’s amazing that you went to a lot of museums. I have a thing for museums the way some people have a thing for churches. I like taking a glimpse into the past, and going to museums have always been one of the best places where you could learn more about the place you are visiting, hence I like visiting them.

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    1. I can relate to the love for museums. Finland is famous for its design museums. In case you have interest in paintings especially the Renaissance and Impressionism form of art, I highly recommend to visit the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki. I will post a few pictures of it in near future. It is a treat to the eyes and takes you in a different era altogether.


  4. Wow, I would really love to see the Northern Lights, since it has long been my dream to see it in person. I love how you were able to plan your trip, it is fully loaded with exciting activities and stunning places to see and experience. The Sauna is something I should choose to delve into before I end my day. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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