Backpack Finland – The Winter Wonderland – Meeting Santa and Elves !



Santa Claus Village:


Santa Claus declared Rovaniemi as his official hometown. It is believed that he spends his time at the Santa Claus Village every day of the year to take care of his mission in life – to enhance the well being of children and the kindness of grown-ups, and spreading the message of love and goodwill of Christmas Spirit throughout the world.

  • ‘Santa is On His Way’ Event: Every year on 23rd December, Santa Claus sets for departure on his journey, to hand out gifts to everyone around the world celebrating Christmas. Santa starts this journey from Santa Claus Village. This event is organised by “Visit Rovaniemi”. The event is of about 45 min. The elves put a very lively show of song and dance for his send-off. Famous songs like “Winter Wonderland” and “Santa Claus is coming to town” are sung. Some traditional Finnish Christmas songs are also sung. Later Santa Claus gives a heart-warming speech.

Transcript of the Santa Claus Speech

“Its so nice to see so many cheerful faces here at the Arctic Circle and very nice to know that there are thousands of people who have been joined by live broadcast to follow around the world.

One year has once again reached the stage that its expected its time to start sharing the joy of Christmas with the children of the world and of course with the adults.

We, here at Arctic Circle, have had a grown number of guests from all over this globe especially now just before Christmas . So this is something that I am very very happy about. You are all warmly welcomed.

Before leaving, its good to pause for a moment to think about the past year that has lots of happy moments but also so many things that should be in a different way. Hopefully this time would bring a small chance to stop for a moment, and take it easy, and give an opportunity, for reconciliation. I believe that good will always win. I believe that love will always win.

I have found a very nice chance of Christmas message this year. Sure the kids are still asking and hoping for a variety of toys. Hope that the elves try to make true with their technical details. But many children are just asking for the health and happiness for their families and time with their parents. These desires have special place in my heart.

The Elf had an idea that you could hug each other here. And I say, so hug each other… Please do that here… Hug the neighbor there……….. Oh this seems fun! This seems fun!

My biggest Christmas wish is that everyone of us would think for a moment whether there are lonely people around us. Contact your neighbor, your long lost friend, your relatives. Send a message, take a phone call or read and chat. I think the best help for loneliness is another human being, another man.

Christmas means the feast of love, homecoming, silence and relief. The darkest phase of the year is folding. Each day brings more light. Calm down for a moment. It is being in present – enjoying, listening, rejoicing, being people-for-people, for each other.

Merry Christmas to everyone !”

After the speech, the cuddly Santa hops into his reindeer sledge and is all set to go on across the globe to distribute gifts.

  • Meeting Santa personally: Santa Claus may only visit you once a year, but you can visit Santa all round the year, each day. The Santa’s office in Santa Claus Village is where Santa welcomes you for a sweet rendezvous. Thousands of people come from all across the world to meet him, and the queue is huge during Christmas time. But it is well worth to go through it, to meet the most sought out person in the world. Its like a fairy tale and you feel like a kid again.


  • Crossing the Arctic Circle: The magical coordinates of the arctic circle line cross the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. It is fun to get yourself clicked by being on both the sides of the arctic circle line at the same time. You could also get a passport stamp of crossing the line for just 1 Euro.


  • Riding the adorable Reindeer Safari: We may not have the privilege to ride with Santa’s favourite red-nosed reindeer Rudolph. But definitely we can experience a reindeer safari by hopping into the sleigh, wrapping our self in the warm furry blankets and off into the wintry wilderness.

Santa Park:


About 2 km before Santa Claus Village is the the magical cavern – The Santa Park. While Santa Claus Village is mostly combination of indoor and outdoor, the Santa Park is all indoors.


  • Fun workshops with Elves at the Santa Park: There are many small workshops which you can take up with the elves like making the souvenir of Santa Claus/Elf out of raw materials like wood, cotton, sticks, glue, paint. You can either pin your self created artifact on the wall there or you can keep it with you as a souvenir. You can sit with an elf and make post cards and also participate in decorating the gingerbread cookies. The cookies smell so delicious that you would be tempted to munch on it even before decorating it.

  • Elf School: This year Santa has renewed the One Hundred Years Curriculum Elf School in Santa Park. It is a top secret 😉 Few things which we can learn at the Elf School are how to decorate – Christmas tree, gingerbread cookie, howto wrap a present, how to fill presents in the socks, lessons about kindness, how to keep an eye on the good deeds of children by peeping through the window pane. They teach you 3 magical words – “Kiiber Oober Toober” and in the end provide you with the elf diploma.

  • Elf Show: The elf show is a 20 min stage performance. This year the theme of the show was the “4 tests for the Final Exam of Elves”-
    • How to successfully peep from a window pane without anyone noticing
    • How to fill gifts in a box
    • Air and ground acrobatics
    • Wheel Acrobatics

Video Coming Soon !

  • Magic Tram: A mesmerizing ride on a sleigh-tram takes you through a magical world of Santa’s wonderland. You got to watch this video.

  • Ice Gallery: You could enjoy the various ice sculptures illuminated by LED lights. The temperature is maintained in minus and you might feel the chill while exploring. Its a treat to watch though.


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