Backpack Finland – The Winter Wonderland – Making Memories !



Apart from the adventure and cultural experience, this trip gave me wonderful friends. All from diverse parts of the country as well as world, with different perspectives of travel. But what connected all of us together was the love of travel. The long walks, the playful fights, beautiful conversations, sharing travel stories, light-hearted games, morning postcard making session over breakfast .. all added to the memories which I will cherish for life.

Here’s a snapshot of our group.







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Published by Sonali

I have been a dreamer since childhood and always fascinated by the creative world of Art, Craft, Design, Photography and Travel. I pursued them as hobbies since early ages. I felt my hobbies have been my companion through think and thin and helped me heal through most difficult phases of life. They have helped me experience sheer bliss and happiness through creative joys.  Through the blogs, I would like to share with the world the beautiful memories I made with myself through my passion of art, craft, design, photography and travel.

4 thoughts on “Backpack Finland – The Winter Wonderland – Making Memories !

  1. What a great group to backpack through Finland in winter! Each one of you had such a different interest area, I am sure together all of you must have had a great time and a lot of different adventures. To travel to Finland in winter is a dream of mine 🙂


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