Laxmi Vilas Palace – Vadodara

Laxmi Vilas Palace – the residence of the royal family of Baroda, was built in 1890 by Maharaj Sayajirao Gaekwad with Major Charles Mant as the chief architect.

It is the largest private dwelling palace and is 4 times bigger than Buckingham palace. The palace has approximately 700 acres of lush green compound.

Inside the palace, the entrance has beautiful sculptures made by Italian sculptor Fellici. The pillars have intricate carvings of Sun, representing the Suryavanshi clan and cow head, symbolic to sacred.

The staircase to the first floor shows beautiful mosaic with peacock design.
The palace also has huge collection of interesting armory used during wars.

The Darbar hall has a Venetian mosaic floor, Belgium stained glass windows and walls with intricate mosaic decorations. It is occasionally the venue of music concerts and other cultural events. This palace boasts of maximum stained glass ever used in the palace.

The coronation hall, has beautiful paintings by famous Raja Ravi Verma.

At the back of the Darbar hall, there is a beautiful mosiac painting.

Author: Sonali

I have been a dreamer since childhood and always fascinated by the creative world of Art, Craft, Design, Photography and Travel. I pursued them as hobbies since early ages. I felt my hobbies have been my companion through think and thin and helped me heal through most difficult phases of life. They have helped me experience sheer bliss and happiness through creative joys.  Through the blogs, I would like to share with the world the beautiful memories I made with myself through my passion of art, craft, design, photography and travel.

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