In the lap of Nature …. Magical Macro ! 


I have always been fascinated with nature. But I could understand and perceive the beauty of nature only through landscapes. So I got a DSLR few years back to pursue photography and capture the breathtaking landscapes of nature.

Most of the Sundays I used to make a point to go for photo walks in and around Mumbai or Pune. During the photo walks, I could remember those days spent with family on weekends and visiting various places like Juhu beach, Gurgaon Chowpatty, Haji Ali, Gateway of India, Rani Baug, Shivaji Park, Marine Drive, Aarey Milk Colony and many more. Over the years, our outings reduced due to increasing traffic, pollution , education and job took priority. My impression about Mumbai gradually changed from fond memories to troublesome traveling.

But little did I know that buying a DSLR would play a key role to reverse this impression after so many years. Photography inspired me to not only explore my own city of Mumbai yet again but also know it afresh from a different perspective. I was totally taken aback to find places with sheer natural beauty and solace, in this Maximum City of hustle and bustle.

During one of my photo walks to Bhandup Pumping Station, I accidentally discovered the beautiful world of macro. I never intended to do Macro photography when I bought the DSLR. But I thought of experimenting different types of photography so as to understand the different functions and concepts of photography. Through the zoom and macro lenses, I could understand and appreciate the beauty of the miniature world, which we are bound to go unnoticed with our naked eyes.


I was fascinated and excited to understand how a small butterfly could have so many shades of colour, texture and shapes. How a cob web could have such a perfect geometry and yet display its beauty in the most subdued form. How can simple dew drops enhance the beauty of the nature with its diamond-like droplets. I remember having learnt Fibonnaci Series during school days in Mathematics. But the way it was put forth before us was very theoretical and boring. But it was through macro photography that I learnt that the centre of each flower follows the Fibonacci series. How fascinating to learn it this way!

This experience developed my passion for the magical macro world and I started exploring for more such options within and around the city. Macro photography  helped me to explore my city differently and rediscover the solace and beauty amidst the nature. From exploring the famous iconic places of Mumbai during childhood, to exploring the Yeoor forest, Bhandup Pumping Station, Owalekarwadi Butterfly Park, Sion Nature Park, the experience was indeed diverse.

Hope you enjoy a few glimpses of the macro world captured through the lenses.


Author: Sonali

I have been a dreamer since childhood and always fascinated by the creative world of Art, Craft, Design, Photography and Travel. I pursued them as hobbies since early ages. I felt my hobbies have been my companion through think and thin and helped me heal through most difficult phases of life. They have helped me experience sheer bliss and happiness through creative joys.  Through the blogs, I would like to share with the world the beautiful memories I made with myself through my passion of art, craft, design, photography and travel.

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